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People said...


"It seems you are developing a bio-mimetic model of value exchanging relationships that we are unable to define its structure but we can see it works effectively. The relationships are dynamic and the system evolves naturally as immediate consequence of the interactions taking place. Uncontrollably. Trusting that since interactions and actions happen only to add value, there is no need for control. Everything is possible... a Silicon Valley space but made with artificial intelligence!" 


Christie S. United Kingdom 



“It’s an institutional Organization Structure that separates Government bureaucracy from Entrepreneurship with a barrier of Organized Anarchy… its exceptional!”


George C. Greece



“It’s like we have put Carl Marx and Adam Smith to form a partnership for a business project that will benefit all of us… amazing!”


Pedro C. Portugal




Lets all wonder...


Why isn’t there a more democratic way

for an idea to get access to capital?


Why do we spend tremendous amounts of money

while talking about innovation?


Why don't we invest this money in ideas

and let markets decide?




Ask your self…


Have you ever heard an idea that excited you

and made you state laud:


“I would like to invest on it, I believe in it!”


But immediately you pressed the brakes…


“Hey, what am I saying?… I don’t have a penny to invest…”




Would you ever invest your TIME in an idea?



Why don’t we, Entrepreneurs and skilled Business Developers,

cross-evaluate our ideas?



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