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The Evangelist


My name is Evangelos Achillopoulos; I was born on the outskirts of Athens, Greece, just opposite of the airport in 1967. At the age of 5, I was looking the airplanes landing and tried to build small planes with whatever it was handy. My father was a man that was fixing everything in the house.


In the basement a lot of tools in his small lab and me flooded by creativity trying to make thinks… One day when I was 9, my father brought me a present, it was an electronic “lab” for kids with resistors, transistors, capacitors etc… I fell in love with electronics immediately.


At 12, my father bought me my first tools, my multi-meter and a soldering iron… At the age of 17, I had built my first “product” that I wanted to see it working in a real client… it was a MosFet audio power amplifier… At the end, I didn’t want to sell it… I was having it close to my bed and sleep with it… until one week after, I convinced myself that I have to let it go and I deliver it to the client that had order it…


When I was first seeing it working and everyone in the club dancing with the sounds of it, I realized what I wanted to do in my life…


I wanted to identify needs, define the problems and give solutions to people, with the help of engineering…


The rest of my resume at Linkedin


The Vision


Today, I’m father of three very bright children; I want them not to pass all the problems that I have faced in my professional life…


I want them, as well as all the children of the world, to be able with merit, to develop freely their ideas and unleash their creativity, towards to a better world with opportunities and jobs for all.


If it sounds, that I might be a dreamer… well… what’s wrong with that?


Let's stop talking and let's start doing...!!!


The action


If you want the same, join us in the group of Linkedin “iDea_Framework” to discuss the idea and to see how we will pass it to our leaders.


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If you want to implement iDea framework, just drop us an email and our team will get in touch with you.


email address:  info[at]idea.com.gr


Twitter: [at]achillopoulos



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